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Our Services


  • Our Concierge service, is all about two key factors: logistics and transportation. tSS provides a truly professional environment for racing, training and travel. Every detail has been thought of, researched, and then implemented for you, so that you don't have to think about anything. 

  • Succinct and pointed courses of action, ensuring that athletes - and support staff - have every detail required, exactly when they need it. 

  • Multi-platform availability of information. 

  • 24/7 direct lines of communication with tSS support staff. 


  • Pinnacle, is our Race Services and Training Camp provision. 

  • A professional environment for racing and training.

  • A suite of professional staff, including chefs, mechanics, and soigneurs. Nutritionists and sports scientists as required. 

  • Every requirement is considered. 


  • Travel by theSilverService, is our experiential sporting service. Travel combines the best parts of Concierge and Pinnacle, in an environment that is completely relaxed and informal. 

  • Travel is still focused on guests' sporting requirements each day, however, the sporting component is only one small part of guests' daily experience. The additional aspects focus heavily on genuine local experiences in/of the region; engaging with local communities.

  • Travel by tSS, will focus on providing outstanding sporting experiences, at proven events, in amazing regions. 

  • A luxurious environment, for all our guests.